As thoughts turn to love on Valentines Day, how will this love be expressed? Maybe for some love will be shown with a few affectionate words in an appropriate card, for others with a carefully chosen bunch of flowers of just the right colour, other perhaps with a well prepared meal or an evening out together. Such demonstrations of love help to build and cement a relationship. They can at times be costly.

The bible pictures the most costly expression of love that has been shown as that of God for people like us. Contrasting God’s love with the love some have shown in sacrificing their lives for the sake of those who are good, Romans 5 v 8 says: “But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners Christ died for us”.

We are happy to make costly shows of love to those we think are worth it, to those who love us in return. God shows his love to people like us in giving the most costly gift of all. He gave his dearly loved and eternal Son for us, even when we didn’t care less about him and were offending against him. How good it is to receive and know such love that brings us into a secure never ending relationship with God.

This God is a God who deserves our costly love in return, even though we could never repay the debt we owe. May you seek and come to know this God and his love by turning from going your own way to trust and follow Jesus.

Philip Hearn, Pastor