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Happy Easter!

You are welcome to join with us at any of our Easter meetings to hear and share in the good news.

  • Easter Sunday - 16th April
    • Family Service @ 10:30 am
    • Songs of Praise @ 6:00 pm

The original historical events of Good Friday and Easter Sunday appeared in stark contrast with one another. The first, Good Friday, involved the agonising crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth, the man who had shown such love and power, claiming to be the Son of God. He had done nothing wrong so never deserved to die, but he willingly gave up his life in death under God’s justice in the place of his people, and he was buried and sealed in a nearby tomb. It all seemed so sad, the end of a life and of hope, death was the winner.

But the second, Easter Sunday, saw the same tomb being opened and empty. Jesus is risen from the dead, proving the truth of his claims to be God’s Son, conquering for his people. His resurrection transformed the lives of his followers and they went on to turn the world upside down with the message of hope in Jesus. They were even willing to die rather than deny what they had witnessed of Jesus’ resurrection.

Today the risen Jesus still offers forgiveness from God and eternal life to all who turn from living their own way to trust in him. People from every culture and background are still being transformed by Jesus Christ through hearing and believing the message of the good news of his death and resurrection.

Have a happy Easter weekend this year.

Happy Easter!

Philip Hearn